68. Making food for my friends! (Pics to come)

67. Analog Clocks

66. Joni Mitchell

65. The term 'slunt' -- look it up on urbandictionary.com (warning: vulgar!)

64. Joan Baez

63. Pocket watches

62. Beach towels the size of blankets

61. Trashy, girly magazines

60. Megan Barnes!

59. Caterpillars

58. Raggi, millet, quinoa and other lesser known grains in the Western hemisphere

57. Handmade Valentine cards in months other than February

56. Cast-iron pots and pans

55. The term 'granola' used as an adjective. Example: People who live in Olympia, WA tend to be hella 'granola'.

54. The Canon Rebel EOS

53. Western Montana in July

52. Skype

51. New cell phones

50. Automatic rice cookers

49. Being naked

48. New brassieres

47. Homemade soap

46. The Krups FLF 2 Electric Kettle

45. Kitenge cloths

44. Baby bjorns

43. Little old men with big eyeglasses

42. Wearing the same clothes for a week

41. The smell of new paint on old walls

40. James Taylor

39. Tattoos that really mean something

38. Tattoos that people get 'just for the hell of it'

37. blogspot.com

36. Porcelain elephants

35. Mormon boys on bicycles

34. Handouts with directions to make your own dental damns

33. Picnic baskets

32. Reusing ziploc baggies

31. Homemade water tornado bottles (you know, the kind made out of two 2-liter pop bottles?)

30. Honey-nut cherrios

29. Shane Co. radio adverts

28. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (as 'bad' as they are)

27. Mattilda Berenstein Sycamore

26. Dykes on Bikes

25. Rat-tails

24. Peppermint hand lotion

23. Mojitos

22. Dead Ass by Michael Cirelli

In the bodega, a young girl wearing
jeans so tight she has to use turpentine
to get them off, says to her friends,
Damn, it's dead ass raining out!

I was enamored. Instead of cats and dogs,
I pictured donkey corpses falling from
the sky, clogging the gutters.
That's some serious rain.

The song on the radio said that the po-po was:
"tryna to catch me ridin' dirty," I imagined
Chamillionaire wearing a 20 lb. gold chain
with mud dripping off Jesus' shiny toes,
Krazie Bone in four hundred dollar jeans,
with grass stains on the knees.

In Oakland, the sound there is "hyphy." To me,
that alien word means gooney-goo-goo.
To me, that word is my dead father's kiss.
But to thousands of kids with trousers that sink
below the Plimsoll line of their asses, hyphy
music makes their bodies dip up and down
like an oil drill.

These words make me feel old, and alabaster.
When I hear something new, it's like I
discovered it
for the first time, like I excavated it from the
of a teenager. So I dust it off with my fossil
and try to jam it into the keyhole of academia.

I'm not afraid of dope lyrics, not dope meaning
but dope meaning good. My kind uses scrilla to
up the windows of shook, Duke University
who holla, "Go Brooklyn! Go Brooklyn!"

Fo shizzle, crunk, hella: I put in glass jars like
rare moths.
I want to hang them on the doors of sonnets
like a welcome sign to an apartment
I don't live in.
21. Dial radios

20. Dream catchers

19. Clothes hangers with the little slots for straps so that things don't fall on the floor of the closet

18. Keeping lists

17. Old baseball cards